Review of ‘A Dark Autumn’ by Kristopher Rufty

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hooray!  This is my first review, and it comes from an author that I am slowly gaining an appreciation for.  Kristopher Rufty is part of the new Samhain Horror stable.  His first novel from Samhain is a gripping novel titled Angel Board.  I suggest picking that one up as well.

But this review is about his latest release, a novella titled A Dark Autumn

Because of its length, this book hits you hard and quick.  I enjoyed the metamorphosis of character of Ricky.  It was a nice Hitchcock homage.

The story follows Michelle who by happenstance runs into an old high school friend.  They soon make plans to go to Michelle’s cabin in the woods (sorry no redneck zombies here) with two of their other old high school friends.  It is teased that when these girls get together, things tend to get out of hand.  Also in another cabin is Ricky, who has gone away for the weekend to write and give him and his boyfriend Ted some space.  Ricky and Michelle meet on a hike together.  Later in the evening, Ricky hears screams and decides to go investigate.  Lets just say that worlds collide…

Rufty did a wonderful job with characterization with this story.  He made a nice villain, lead, and anti-hero; all of which muddle the black and white scenarios these characters are thrust into.  I think what helps the story in the beginning the is the anticipation. 

*Spoiler Alert*

The main twist in this story is that Ricky is molested by these four women.

I believe knowing this helps the reader get through the beginning, which lacks in action but is heavy with characterization.  Knowing what is coming helps build the tension of the story.  Despite the role-reversal of the I Spit On Your Grave scenario, I found the story to be cliched.  Creative in terms of characterization, but lacking an original idea.

The ending is what seals the deal with this book.  In so many novels the endings give readers a payoff, but it lacks in realism.  This story ends and gives you that lump in your throat or that knot in your stomach.  The ending is real

I give this story an 8/10.  Great characters, action-packed second half, and a perfect ending.  Pick up Rufty’s novel online for your e-reading device now.

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