‘Wayward’ – Blake Crouch Review

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I’m back, suckahs!

And I’m back with my review of Blake Crouch’s latest novel:  WAYWARD.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to do a first read for this novel, courtesy of Mr. Crouch and his publishing company.  WAYWARD is the next installment of his WAYWARD PINES series.  At this point it seems as if he will be going the trilogy route with this one.  Which is fine by me. 

WAYWARD takes place right after the events of PINES, in which our main character Ethan Burke learns the truth of Wayward Pines.  If you wish to learn about said secret, please pick up PINES by Blake Crouch.  Do it!  Now!  So WAYWARD begins with Ethan thrust into his new role as Sheriff of Wayward Pines.  And man, does he hate his job.  I mean most people are irked about their job, but this guy is in living hell right now.  

So through Ethan, we meet some old characters such as David Pilcher and my personal favorite Pam.  Pam is great because of the way Crouch writes her.  She is that perfect mix of sociopath, deadly evil, and sexy as all hell.  We get a back story on Pilcher and how Wayward Pines came to be; which helps the story move.  And we meet new characters, like Tobias the Ranger-esque character that is floating outside Wayward Pines.  And Margaret, she is a captured aberration or abbey.  I have a feeling she will play a bigger role in the next installment.

The novel is a bridge, connecting PINES with the next novel which is currently untitled coming out in 2014.  So something for you to look forward to, kids.  And since this novel is a bridge, not much action is involved.  Instead we get a great character driven story that allows you to connect to said characters just time for the chaos that will be the next novel.  And Crouch writes his characters quite well in this one.  Their emotions literally drip from the page. 

Crouch begins weaving many storylines in this book.  When I saw I was at 90% on my Kindle and still so much story needed to be told, I realized that I was going to be gut punched with a cliffhanger.  Damn you, Crouch. 

Pick up PINES and then WAYWARD here.


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