Review of…The Children (Savage Species pt. II) by Jonathan Janz

Posted: October 6, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Hello everyone,

Sorry its been a while.  Coming in the next couple of days will be a bevy of reviews.  I was able to catch up on some reading and movie viewing.  Here’s the first.


So in the first release of this serial novel titled ‘Night Terrors’, Janz introduced us to some characters that really get to your heart.  A mother stuck in a relationship with an abusive husband.  A photographer on a trip with a reporter and crush of his life and their fellow co-worker.  Janz did a great job of quickly getting me attached to these characters.  And just as ‘Night Terrors’ finished, shit was hitting the fan.

In part 2 titled ‘The Children’, Janz does not let up on the action.  By the time the book was 60% done, I was literally breathless.  The main cast featuring Jesse do not get a break with the pursuing monsters.  The monsters themselves are parodies of the beasts from Richard Laymon’s work.  Janz has done a great job of giving tribute while still adding his own spice.  I especially enjoy the monsters marking some of their prey.  I can only guess what that will allude to, but I will not reveal anything here.

The B-story featuring Eric, Sam, and Charly also gets some development.  Janz shines again with characterization before throwing this cast of characters into the pit of hell, literally.

The monsters live up to their name in this one:  Savages.

Pick up Janz’s Savage Species on Amazon or at Samhain’s website.

Tomorrow will be the review of Hunter Shea’s short:  THE GRAVEYARD SPEAKS

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