A Review of ‘Animosity’

Posted: August 25, 2014 in Uncategorized
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A season of reading is upon us.  And I begin with a story that packs a lot of emotion and action.

‘Animosity’ by James Newman is the tale of a divorced horror writer who makes a grisly discovery in his suburban neighborhood.  As days pass, Andrew notices that his neighbors are acting suspicious towards him.  Paranoia leeches away to a violence.  Cops will not help and Andy is left to fight for his livelihood. 

This book is action-packed and filled with tension.  It grabs you by the heart and refuses to let go.  Tears and panic attacks are just some of your own emotions that you will feel; as you are whisked through a very quick tale of paranoia and a brewing hatred that your quiet neighbors feel for you.

I had wonderful time reading this.  It is a quick read, but the pace of the story matches it.  It will gut punch you and make you question your own neighbors. 

With the arrival of Autumn, the reading season is upon us (well maybe just for me).  And it started off grand with Newman’s story about the beast of mob mentality.  Pick it up here on Amazon:


Curse Blog is back with more reviews coming your way!

‘Animosty’ by James Newman:  8 out of 10.

Next up:  ‘Jackpot’


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