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What would you do if happen to win the lottery?  And not the scratch off lottery, I’m talking about the big ‘Jackpot’?  What sort of hobbies would you indulge in?  What if one of your hobbies was murder?

‘Jackpot’ is the collaboration of Kristopher Rufty, David Bernstein, Adam Cesare, and Shane McKenzie.  Four great authors working on the story of Booker and his new found fortune.  If you pick up a book from any of these authors and you know you are reading the future of horror.  I got the great chance to read this collaboration and my first thought when I finished…

What a sick and twisted ride!

None of these authors pull the punches in this one.  Every grisly detail and every concept of torture is pushed from start to finish.

So here are the details:

Booker is a serial killer.  One fateful and bloody night brings him the Jackpot.  Before he can enjoy his dreams of fortune, he is hounded by some white trash psychos.  Booker begins to invest in his dreams of a murderer’s fantasy with the help of a slick lawyer.  It all leads to a celebration before Booker rides off into the sunset.

This is the second book that has ever made me cringe from the amount of gore and torture.  I had to stop at points and let my stomach settle.  So I recommend not eating before reading this book; especially chicken wings.

If you do venture into ‘Jackpot’, you will be surprised to discover that this is a collaboration work.  Each chapter flows perfectly and the each writer’s style blends so well that you forget that this is the work of four authors.

A slight criticism from me would be that this is an intense and hardcore book.  There are no good characters.  No one to root for.  Just bad people interacting with bad people.  This is a book of ultimate depravity of the human being.  So this book is not for everyone.  In fact I cannot recommend it for everyone.

So after reading this review, I just one question…

Can You handle it?