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Everyone who discusses horror with me, knows that I wave the flag of Hunter Shea.  He is part of a new crop of writers that are putting out great horror stories.  I suggest that if you are getting tired of reading about zombies, vampires, and or werewolves, give Hunter a try.  He has been writing some chilling ghost stories lately.

My previous post was all about transition books.  Shea nails his transition book for Jessica Backman.  We meet her 13 years after the ordeal in Alaska.  First I am happy to report that Shea finishes his story arc with the poltergeist in this story.  Poltergeists are one of my main interests of the paranormal.  While Jessica helps the family with the poltergeist, Shea develops another arc featuring Selena and her family who are having terrifying instances with Selena’s double.

So Backman becomes paired with a psychic, Eddie.  Eddie can see and talk with spirits as well as some telepathy and telekinesis.  Eddie sets out to find Jessica after meeting her deceased father.  Once the poltergeist case wraps up, the two decide to stay in contact to work Selena’s case.

Selena is being haunted by her doppleganger.  From Eddie, we soon learn there is something sinister in the house.

Shea nails the characters as usual, as well as the action.  He crafts some particularly nasty ghosts.  His development of Jessica is spot on.  I can only guess that Jessica and Eddie will be tested to their limits on their next case.  I enjoyed the book immensely and I think anyone willing to give it a shot, will too.

Suggested reading environment.  Late at night, the winter provides a perfect setup.  Turn your thermostat down a couple of degrees, just to get a slight chill in the air.  Now its just you, the book, one lamp, and an eerie darkness that seems to creep closer. 

Its a great ghost story that anyone will enjoy.